Wind of Change
Rock / Prog

Wind of Change were formed in 2007,after only a handful of gigs, word reached the festival circuit of the bands talent and they were invited to play Sonic World Festival. Soon afterwards (July 2008) they guested at the renowned three day Hawkfest in East Devon. At present the band play a variety of music, classic rock covers, added to which are some of their own original material classed as 'Space rock/Prog rock with effects'. In 2009 Wind of Change co headlined the Cosmic Puffin Charity Festival in Essex. Later in 2009 they were honoured to support pro heavy metal outfit 'Gunslinger' fronted by ex Hawkwind bassist, Alan Davey. Today they are as keen as ever to play live music.  The band know how to have fun when they play and " that's what music is all about". Make no mistake about it...


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