The Lone Sharks
Blues / RnB

The Lone Sharks are 4 mature and very experienced musicians who some have been in bands since the early 70's, Ray Pearson ( Singer and lead guitarist ) started out with a band Up North Combine, the later line up of Geordie, and went on to form TT Blue in 1988 - 1993 and the The Raiders with ex Tygers of Pan Tang Guitarist Steve Lamb in 1993 - 1996, I then went solo and travelled the world as Professional musician/vocalist until 2015, in 2016 The Lone Sharks were formed, On Bass Bass is Rob Kerr, he has been in Old Codger for the past 15 years and an original band before which atracted record companies from London, Colin Forbes is on Drums He was also a founding member of TT Blue and has played in many top bands such as ex Tygers of Pan Tang vocalist Jeff Cox, Chris Rea and Frontier and was short listed for Whitesnake, and travelled the world, Malcolm Cox is on main Lead guitar, a very powerful blues rock style guitarist who has served his time with bands such as The Nachos Blues Band, Mean Mr Mustard and Nostalgic Fools.

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Saturday 07 April 2018

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