Carnival Of Crows

Elaine has been classically trained for ten years under the renowned violinist Erardo Evans and received impeccable theory training from Mr Phillip Walton and Mr Michael Dutton. During this time she toured Europe with local orchestras and performed for several prestigious events at such venues as the Purcell Rooms in London and the Sage Gateshead. During this time she performed on Metro Radio and received masterclasses from the world-famous soloist and Northern Sinfonia leader, Bradley Creswick. At 18 years old, she achieved her ABRSM diploma in performance.

Although classically trained, Elaine went on to branch into the rock/pop genre where she traveled around Manchester doing session work and performing with local bands such as 'Last of the Kiskadees' and outstanding solo artists such as Dan Jones.

Elaine is now back in Newcastle and working on her own projects including her violin-led jazz band 'Elaine Binney and the Carnival of Crows'.

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