Doggone Daddy's

Phil Johnston of The Sunset Trio and more recently The Hotwires, along with Danny Clarke have been playing together for over 20 years. The two Phil’s became great friends after meeting in a Tattoo shop and always talked about getting together a Rockabilly band, playing authentic 1950's style music. Both Phil Johnston and Danny had already played in Rockabilly / Rock 'n' Roll bands, but always wanted a band in the style of The Doggone Daddys.
So the two members from The Sunset Trio joined forces with Little Phil on lead guitar/ lead vocals, Phil Johnston on lead vocals/rhythm guitar, Danny Clarke on upright 'slap' bass. Their sound is somewhere between the Elvis Sun recordings and The Stray Cats.

The Sunset Trio (Phil, Danny) have been performing on the country music circuit for 15 years. During this time they have worked in Spain, Portugal, Holland, Germany and Nashville, Tennessee, and have supported such acts as Carl Perkins, BR5-49, Heather Miles and Danni Leigh. Their style of music has always been different to anything else on the country music scene in the UK.

Little Phil has been performing music as long as he can remember. Now 23, has came a long way since first learning the guitar and has settled in really well in an experienced band, with experienced musicians. The boys agree. He has started writing his own material for the band and now includes it within the set.


The lads are very enthusiastic about the future of The Doggone Daddys and anyone who likes music from the likes of Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, BR549 and even The Stray Cats , will love The Doggone Daddys.

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