Rock Solid

Rock Solid were originally formed around 2001 and rapidly gained a reputation as an excellent, live rock band on the NE pub circuit

In 2005, the band really came of age when they were joined by one of the best rock vocalists in the North East 'Colin "Bon" Johnson (CJ), who's vocal talents have helped the band reach it's full musical potential.Rock Solid only have one aim in life, which is to create as much enjoyment both on & off the stage in everything we do. To do this, we aim to try and reproduce all songs as faithfully and accurately as possible, but above all, ensure that they are played with enthusiasm, passion, and above all fun! We have gained an enviable reputation, not only for being one of the North East's leading heavy rock covers band, but also, for being one of the most 'likeable' bunch of lads on the circuit (we certainly don't believe in ego's!).


Each earthquake has a unique amount of energy. ROCK SOLID hits 7.9 on the Richter scale:

You have been warned 

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Friday 25 January 2019