90s Alternative / Rock / Grunge

Dogman are a Newcastle based 90s Alt/Rock/Grunge/Metal Covers band. The band members are:

Guitar - Dave Baker, Guitar - Paul Hindmarsh, Vocals - Ian Humphrey, Bass - Neil Lough, Drums - Mick Robson

Paul, Neil and Micks' main band - 300ft Gorilla - was sidelined in 2010 due to the ill health of their singer Hutch, so they decided to embark on a side project. They recruited vocalist Ian Humphrey (Cradle, Seven Mile Stare) and guitarist Dave Baker, and decided to go out and play covers of some of their favourite songs from their formative years.

Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Janes Addiction, Fishbone, Kings X, Living Colour, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden - etc

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