Steve Ballantyne Band

The Steve Ballantyne band is a trio like no other, blissfully
executed energetic arrangements of "Classic Old Time"
rock/blues/soul/metal hits from the golden age encompass an awesonely
lively and powerful set. Solid 100 minutes of pure Hard-hitting
delivery, the whole nine yards, blood sweat and tears. Each song tears
through a Gamut of musical moods and emotions, with face-melting
virtuosic Guitar solos, pure vocal harmonies and thundering bass and
drum rhtyhms, flowing with melody and motion for street parties and
private prayer, boasting the kind of electric exuberance and solemn
groove meditation that makes you feel as if every breath you take is a
wondrous gift. The band consists of Steve Ballantyne ( Heir of the dog,
Planet Caravan, Black Pearl, Stone Idols, Elkie Brooks and friends, We
will rock you ) ... Micky Kerrigan ( Blitzkrieg, Deep Purple in Rock,
Rush tribute ) ... and Paul Fairgrieve ( The Distorted ) ... these lads
have the combined expertees of 90 yrs in the business and can pack
serious punch, resulting in the sound-a-like impression of a 5 piece
band, yet with only 3 live members. This show is a must see, 100% live,
classic golden age fanatic's dream. Please visit Steve Ballantyne at
for more information, and to witness some of the most incredible sound-
a-like Guitar demonstration performance videos available. Vai, Satch,
SRV, Johnson ... they're all there. 

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Saturday 24 February 2018

Sunday 04 March 2018

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