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The Band:

There’s accident-prone Gary Ormston, rarely far from disaster of some kind, but loveable and charming and the finest damn bass guitarist this side of that Level 42 geezer.

There’s Paul Stephenson, meticulous and relaxed, loose-limbed and laid back but tight as a coiled spring, solid as a battering-ram behind the drum kit.

David Stanyer, - ‘Stan’ to his friends – whose biting shards of glorious lead guitar pour aural gold-dust over the anthemic melodies: the band’s art director and one of its many vocal talents, his forthright, laddish opinions hide a touching sensitivity. Stan has also begun to make his mark as an accomplished songwriter within the band.

Then there’s Ian Barnes, rhythm guitarist, writer, manager and the band’s arterial heartbeat, who has more ideas before breakfast than you’ve had all year, and a dogged but passionate determination to see them all through. Dark, broody and rarely given to self-doubt,

Trevor Cox, The Longsands’ splendid figure-head, mighty of voice, charisma and heart, the conscience and the energy of the band, commanding stage and studio alike with extraordinary presence and just a smattering of little-boy-lost vulnerability.

‘Newcastle band set to be huge’
(The People)

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