Erik & The Vikings
Rock / RnB

Singer/guitarist, frontman (at least more front than back). Has been playing since the days when Methuselah was a teenager. Teaches guitar and gives music workshops in a number of schools in the north east.

First put the band together circa 50 B.C. Has had more line ups than Hawkwind. Does occasional gigs with Dave from The Force as 'The Decomposers'.

The band name came from a joke suggestion from a scottish friend of Eriks by the name of Richard Conway (currently living in Aberdeen) Erik had gone to Iceland (the country, not the frozen food shop!), with the intention of putting a band together and bringing them back to England to gig. Indeed, the original drummer's name was Helgi Vikingsson (apparently alive and well and salting fish somewhere outside of Reykjavik). So the story began.........

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