JD O Neill

JD O'Neill is a singer/songwriter based in Newcastle upon Tyne who writes and performs in a variety of different musical styles with an empathetic ear.

In his early school days, JD showed his first fleeting interest in music. He was overly keen to try learning guitar but his young passion was quickly quenched when one of his teachers convinced him that he would never really be good at it (or anything at all really). It wasn't until High School that he was encouraged to become involved in anything musical again'
At the age of 16, JD once again attempted to learn guitar, with a much larger degree of success. A couple of years later he began to hone his craft, and develop his vocal talent. JD’s love of music and performance grew and he started playing at a variety of venues; building a following and a reputation as a talented song-writer and an impressive performer:
"The songs he has penned are born of his experiences; coming from a very real place with underlying passion and emotion."
Whist the process of recording is on-going, JD can be spotted playing shows in the local region and soon further adrift.

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