Ferris & Sylvester
Blues / Folk

With clear references in their catchy folk setup to the mid-60s sounds of Greenwich Village combined with their meatier blues tones, the duo sit somewhere between Jack White and First Aid Kit. Their clever combination of Archie’s blues influence and Issy’s soft folk tone has created a distinctive genre of their own. 'Ferris & Sylvester's Youth-produced debut single is an overlooked masterpiece of Brit Folk that should already have made them household names.'

- Mojo Magazine ‘A rich and fully realised sound that leaves one pining for a full-length. Dreamy, deceptively lovely folk-pop that tickles the ear and softens you up for the thornier sentiments contained therein.’
– Rolling Stone Magazine ‘Alt Simon & Garfunkel: dreamy pop with spiky sentiments’
- The Guardian ‘Ferris & Sylvester’s harmonies and grounded tones seem like they were born together.’
- BBC Introducing ‘Something very special indeed.’
- Ricky Ross, BBC Radio Scotland ‘On the brink of striking gold.’ - Acoustic Magazine

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