Alternative / Rock

The Blitz, a young band from Sunderland are a welcome diversion from the 'jingly jangly' days of formulaic indie, bringing you now, an opportunity to jump and enjoy once again... a glory mix of rock, punk and originality.
Startiing off by playing gigs around Sunderland which featured covers from Green Day, Arctic Monkeys & Foo Fighters, events soon developed in to some high profile support slots and festivals. A period of song writing after just two months of existing led to the release of the concept album 'Elegant Eve'.
Radio and tv coverage has help promote the band and their link with the Sunderland Youth Music Initiative run by Dave Murray has created many opportunities to become involved with local bands such as Field Music's Pete Brewis and Barry Hyde of The Future Heads.
So for now it's onwards and upwards after having played over 90 gig's in the last 14 months as the band serve to earn a well deserved musical 'apprenticeship'.....

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