Rock / Indie / Pop

Simma is a singer, musician and writer from Newcastle.
Simma's covers shows have become legendary around Newcastle,encompassing good time, well known songs, spot-on banter and a way with an audience which has gained him a tremendous reputation, leading to Metro calling him "Newcastle's Acoustic Hero"
Simma is available for and has played every type of event and function you can think of from weddings to wakes and everything in between. Ask him about the time he played support to a wrestling match, or playing at midnight to hundreds of people at an open air event in San Sebastian, or the wedding in a lighthouse, or singing a capella to medical students in Poland, or being on the same bill as Norman Wisdom, or Edinburgh Festival.... Anyway, suffice to say he's pretty much prepared for any eventuality.
"A fantastic entertainer, you really must see him... A voice and personality that makes for a brilliant night"
-BBC Radio Scotland

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