Razor Sharp

 Razor Sharp have been playing live gigs since 2006 during which time they have performed over 150 gigs at a range of venues, including a set at Newcastle City Hall at age 12(we think this is the youngest rock band ever to play there). The band play classic rock and roll from Free, the Who, the Stones and ACDC. In April 2009 the band won the prestigious 3 tuns battle of the bands against 34 entries. In a review of the final KOMODO ROCK website wrote, "Jesus Christ once said "From out of the mouths of babes will you hear my Father's word". For anyone who believes rock and roll will save your soul then Razor Sharp are here to do the job! " The competition spurred the band to start writing and they recorded their debut single at Broadwater Studios on June 23/24th 2009. The single is starting to sell well at gigs and is available for £2 from behind the Bar at the 3 tuns or e mail us and well send one out.
August 09 Komodo Rock Review:
Some time ago I was asked to judge a battle of the bands and this is the first single produced by the very young and yet still very creditable winners. Razor Sharp more than deserved their win due to the sheer exuberance of their performances throughout the competition and the session that recorded this 2 track CD was their reward.Rollin' The Dice hangs on a solid if basic bassline and is dirty bar room blues that anyone into early AC/DC will instantly recognize. The real surprise here though is track 2, It Ain't Rock N' Roll, a Lizzyesque tale of rockstar over indulgance that shows real maturity for such a young band.Competent musicians & talented live performers,still only in their mid teens,Razor Sharp have a big future ahead of them.

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